Our Elders

Our governing board, Session, consists of men and women who are involved in every aspect of our ministries. They work together to make important decisions which keep LVC moving forward. This group sets the standard for leadership among our church community. Session meets every fourth Tuesday of the month regularly. Most meetings are open to the congregation. Feel free to check our calendar to see when they meet next.

The names of Session members along with their role and contact information are listed below. If you have any questions about their decisions or plans, please be sure to contact them.

Rev. Anita Bell

Head of Staff / Moderator / Pastor

You can reach Anita by email: anitab@lenapevalleychurch.org

Gordon Bell

Administration & Personnel

You can reach Gordon by clicking Here.

Linda Brenneman


You can reach Linda by clicking Here.

Loretta Clift

Spiritual Life

You can reach Loretta by clicking Here.

Peg Colombo

You can reach Peg by clicking Here.

Bob Daly

Youth Development Team (YDT) 

You can reach Bob by clciking Here.

Karen Greer

Mission Committee and Missional Church Ministry

You can reach Karen by clicking Here.

Don Hamp

Deacons Liason & New Members-Welcoming

You can reach Don by clicking Here.

Mark Hintenlang

Property Committee

You can reach Mark by clicking Here.

Kathy Johnson

You can reach Kathy by clicking Here.

Lynne Klunk

Christian Education Committee

You can reach Lynne by clicking Here.

Greg Malat

You can reach Greg by clicking Here.

Ron Orr

You can reach Ron by clicking Here.

Tim Tieperman

Finance Committee

You can reach Tim by clicking Here.


Laura Raysbrook

Clerk of Session

You can reach Laura by email: laurar@lenapevalleychurch.org



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