Our Mission

Our Mission is to:

Welcome, Inspire, Nurture, and Serve

all to become followers of Jesus Christ.

We have met Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. He has welcomed us into a grace-filled relationship that inspires our life and ministry. He nurtures us and gives us the privilege to serve others in Jesus’ name. Therefore:

We welcome all to come with the same open, gracious welcome that we have received from Jesus. Come and meet the One who offers life abundant.

We are called to live lives inspired by God’s grace, and thus be instruments of His grace inspiring others.

We offer the rich feast of God’s Word that can nurture and strengthen all for life’s journey.

We seek to be servants to our community in the name of Jesus, and invite others to join us in living lives of significance in His name. As we serve, may we be instruments of God’s grace-filled welcome, God’s inspiration, and God’s nurturing care.

Join us on the journey of faith!


Our Vision is:

To continually bring people to Jesus Christ.







Join us Sunday at 

9:30am or 11am