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2017 Project Overview

This page contains an overview of all the projects our Church has put together. Look through the list and decide which one would best suit your ability. Once you make your decision, sign up at church or online so we can plan ahead for any addtional supplies. 


1) Cornerstone Christian Academy

Leaders: Anita and Greg Bell
Time and Place: Saturday, October 29 at Cornerstone Christain Academy
Participation: Ages 10 and up are welcome

2) Manna On Main Street - FULL 

Leaders: Tricia Drozd
Time: Sunday Brunch October 29
Place: 606-608 E. Main, Lansdale (adjacent to the YMCA)
Participation: FULL - no more volunteers needed

***This project is currently full and no long available on he sign up form.

3) Aid for Friends Meal Preparation

Leaders: Cathie Miller, Faith Frank, Darlaine Manning
Time and Place: 1:30 – Church Kitchen & Fellowship Hall 
Participants: all adults who like to cook including men; children 6 or older with an adult

Prepare food at home, bring it to church and stay for the packing project on October 29 or - prepare and take to the AFF freezer at Church either before or on that day. Leaders have prepared a menu for your convenience that lists selections for main course, vegetables, dessert and bread that will be available at the Welcome Desk and Sign-Up Tables on October 15 and 22.

4) Help a Family - Women's Recovery Community Center

Leaders:Sue Brodish and Becky Siebert
Time and Place: 11:00 Library and New Britain
Participation: 3-5 (providing meal items) 2-4 for air conditioners

Help A Family will focus our efforts at the Women's Recovery Community Center located at 25 Beulah Road in New Britain. The center provides shelter to area women who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Currently there is space for 10 full time resident women, many who are working hard to return to their families. Throughout the year we have worked to raise funds to purchase gifts for residents and the center. Volunteers are needed to wrap gifts and prepare a meal to take to residents.

A second task at the Center calls for removing and storing window air conditioners (could be done on Saturday).

5) Samaritan’s Purse Shoeboxes

Leaders: Joan Bell, Sue Harris, Elaine Millane
Time and Place: 9:30 Fellowship Hall
Participation: All ages

Donate gifts listed below on or before October 29 for children who would not otherwise have Christmas gifts. On Church Leaves the Building Day, volunteers will fill shoeboxes with donated gifts.

6) Help a Neighbor - New Britain

Leader: Kathy Johnson
Time and Place: 9:30 - 4:30 - New Britain Residence
Participation: 6-8 volunteers needed

Tasks would require you to bring tools for yard work, cleaning supplies, and gloves. Tasks include yard work, indoor cleaning, and possibly painting.

7) Community/Volunteer Recognition Baskets

Leaders: Sharon Schiavone and Beth Woodring; Delivery Man Bill Luckenbill
Time and Place: 9:30 - Fellowship Hall
Participation: All Ages

Donate and/or decorate and fill gift baskets for Chalfont Firemen, Chalfont Police and the Chalfont Habitat ReStore. Donate baked goods or fresh fruit for the baskets. Donations list below and on the Shopping List.

8) Food Collection - New Britain Food Larder

Leaders: Sharon Schiavone and Beth Woodring
Time and Place: 9:30 - Fellowship Hall
Participation: All Ages

Bags will be provided starting October 1st with a list of acceptable donations. Generous donors will return filled bags which will be delivered to the New Britain Food Larder on Sunday.


Leader: Amie Bolger
Time: 11:00 am
Participation: All ages

Monetary donations are being accepted for children and youth to purchase non-perishable food items which will be delivered by shopping cart down Butler Avenue to the Food Larder at New Britain Baptist Church on Sunday.

10) Worthwile Wear (The Well) -Pipersville

Leader: Scott Weidemoyer
Time and Place: 10:00 am (Location will be disclosed in the morning)
Participation: Anyone ablove the age of 12

Work at their site includes:

Clean up the long driveway with chain saws & weed wackers. Clean up the brush encroaching on to the walking path and multch path. Install some electrical recepticals. Run communication cables between two buildings. Repair some yard area where ruts where left during ribbon cutting ceremony.

11) Park Clean up (Youth)

Leader: Josh Kelly
Time and Place: 
10:00 – 12:00 
Participation: Grade 7 and above

We will walk to the Wilma Quinlan Nature Preserve just 3/4 mile across the street from LVC (so nearly our actual, physical neighbors) to offer support and help in cleaning, maintaining, and sustaining the preserve for current and future nature lovers. God has entrusted this beautiful creation to our stewardship so this is our chance to do a little creation care!

12) Choir and Brass Ensemble

Leader: Diane Daly
Time and Place: 10:00 am - Briarleaf, 2:00 - 3:00 pm – Neshaminy Manor
Participants: LVC Choir and Brass, Singers  of All Ages

The choir and brass ensemble will share their music and faith with residents at Briarleaf and Neshaminy Manor homes. For more information, contact Martha Lockard at (267) 261-4559 or email

13) PJ's for Kids

Leader: Pat Smith
Time and Place: After Service at Church
Participation: All Ages

Donate anything for children’s bedtime needs, such as pajamas, slippers, books, socks, tooth paste, and tooth brushes.  All items MUST still have sales tags on them.  These items will be given to foster children.

14) Gift of Life House

Leaders: Loretta Clift and Wendy Miller
Participation: Any volunteers needed

Meet at church at 8:00 am on Sunday to travel to their site in Philadelphia.  Bring prepared meal items to reheat and serve while there.  Clean up after the meal.


 Also check out the shopping list for items that they need donated and packed. 

If you have questions about the projects or just in general, please email Thank you.


Join us Sunday at 

9:30am & 11:00am