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God has invited Lenape Valley Church to be part of what He is doing in the world! Thirty of our people answered that call last summer and found themselves in the sweltering heat of summer in Haiti. They battled mosquitoes, bathed in brown water, melted under the equatorial sun, all the while having an experience that changed their lives. Each day they had the privilege of serving the people of Haiti. But even more they had the opportunity to meet and share life with the people of Haiti. The people they came to serve became friends.


Our Haiti team was able to answer the call because Lenape Valley Church rallied to support them. Your prayers, your encouragement, your generous support were essential in this mission. Even though only 30 went to Haiti, we all shared in that mission as partners in what God is doing in the world.For years we have seen the hardships of Haiti on the news, broken by natural disasters and government corruption. From our living rooms we feel helpless as we see the suffering. But when our Haiti team answered the call, they became part of God's healing grace in Haiti. They cradled little ones in the orphanage, shared the story of Jesus with the children, taught valuable construction skills, built a dormitory and benches for the church, and most of all they touched lives with God's love. When we partner with what God is doing in the world, lives are changed!IMG_3048


On Sunday, November 20th you will have the opportunity to partner with God in a mission to change the world! Share in the opportunity of a lifetime- healing a broken world with God's love.







For those of you who did not see the Haiti highlight video, you can check it out below!

Haiti Mission Trip 2016 from Lenape Valley Church on Vimeo.

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